Illusion (Pattern) [Mind-Affecting]

Level: Sor/Wiz 1

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 1 standard action

Range: 15 ft.

Area: Cone-shaped burst

Duration: Instantaneous; see text

Saving Throw: Will negates

Spell Resistance: Yes 

A vivid cone of clashing colors springs forth from your hand, causing creatures to become stunned, perhaps also blinded, and possibly knocking them unconscious.  Each creature within the cone is affected according to its Hit Dice. 2 HD or less: The creature is unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then  blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then stunned for 1 round. (Only living  creatures are knocked unconscious.) 3 or 4 HD: The creature is blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, then stunned for 1 round. 5 or more HD: The creature is stunned for 1 round.  Sightless creatures are not affected by color spray. Material Component: A pinch each of powder or sand that is colored red, yellow, and blue.

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