Enchantment [Mind-Affecting] [Compulsion] Teleportation
Components: V, S, XP
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Target: Creature touched
Duration: Instantaneous (20 hours for compulsion)
Saving Throw: Will negates (see text)
Spell Resistance: Yes
Spell Craft DC: 97
XP Cost: 2,000 XP.

The character sends his or her foe to hell. If the character succeeds at a melee touch attack, the target must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = the standard epic spell DC + 15). If he or she fails this saving throw, he or she is sent straight to a layer of a lawful evil plane (or a chaotic evil plane, at the character's option) swarming with fiends. The subject will not willingly leave the plane for 20 hours, believing that his or her predicament is a just reward for an ill-spent life. Even after the compulsion fades, he or she must devise his or her own escape from the plane. Unless the GM devises a specific location and scenario in the Nine Hells, the subject encounters a group of 1d4 pit fiends (or balors, if in a chaotic evil plane) every hour he or she spends in hell.

[[Category:Enchantment [Mind-Affecting] Spells]]

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